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Majedul Haque Chisty

Majedul Haque Chisty

Managing Director

Md Abdul Wadud Kamrul
DMD (Deputy Managing Director)
Email: kamrul@welltexbd.com
Mobile No: +8801711523977

Md. Mahmudul Haque Chisty
Director (Global Sourcing & Marketing)
Email: h_chity@welltexbd.com
Mobile No: +8801755655228

Manager Of Welltex Group

Mahabub Ur Rahman
GM (Production)
Email: mahabub@welltexbd.com
Mobile: +8801731083048

Md. Ashraf Uddin Bhuyan
Manager (Accounts)
Email: ashraf@welltexbd.com
Mobile No: +8801914924372

MD. Hafizur Rahaman
Deputy General Manager (Dyeing)
Email: hafizur@welltexbd.com
Mobile No: +8801736231800

Md. Arifuzzaman Ikbal

GM (Marketing & Production)


Cell: + 880 1711471479

Email: ikbal@welltexbd.com

Ehatheshum Haiderell Hoque (Rony)
Manager (Socks)
Email: rony@welltexbd.com
Mobile No: +8801718807997

Md. Mozahidul Islam
Manager (HR, Admin & Compliance)
Email: mozahid@welltexbd.com
Mobile No: +8801798761746

Nasimul Hasan (Samim)
Asst. Manager (Admin)
Email: s.hasan@welltexbd.com
Mobile No: +8801714474701

We strive to meet your everyday garments needs.


We offers our customers a complete solution of knit and woven fabrics, laminates and composites.Velvet’s Co. Specialty Products Division produces high technology fabrics for diverse end markets including water filtration, window covering, performance apparel, medical and other industrial applications.

We Design Fabric.

Our’s Advanced Design and Trending team conducts ongoing trend research for development of fabric design and constructions, colors and finishes.…

We Manufacture.

The technical production processes at Velvet include the most advanced techniques, including carbon fiber knitting machines. and we are continually…


We performance textiles are found in almost every application. You might find them enhancing the look of your vehicle interior, filtering clean water, or helping athletes perform at the highest levels. No matter where they’re used, our products are designed to uphold the highest standards of performance.


For the last 30 years, we’ve made it our mission to ensure the needs of our buyers are met through our productive and reasonably priced garment process. Dedicating ourselves to a higher level of efficient productivity allows us to promise timely shipment of consignments, and in turn achieve total customer satisfaction.

Bangladesh is a growing market for Ready Made Garments for global retailers. As we currently do business with European and North American retailers, Welltex Group is poised to capture the B2B and B2C global markets.

The Bangladesh located RMG wings have been equipped with state of the art machinery and incredibly skilled staff who hold irreplaceable amounts of experience. These qualities have earned Welltex Group it’s stellar reputation with buyers in the North American and European markets.

Factories of Welltex Group located in a placid surrounding of greenery in Mawna, Mulaid, Sreepur, Gazipur.

To request more info about Welltex Group, please contact

+88 02 48951938


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As an industrial association contribute with our work in a significant way to maintain and strengthen the general framework for textile production. They support all professional, economic and political concerns of member’s companies towards national, European and international institutions.