Starting as a small unit in Tongi Bazar, Gazipur, Welltex Group has grown into one of the industry standards when it comes to the manufacturing of Ready Made Garments. Supported by our growing infrastructure, experienced team, and efficient time management, Welltex Group ensures the timely shipment of all of our products in the Global market.

For the last 30 years, we’ve made it our mission to ensure the needs of our buyers are met through our productive and reasonably priced garment process. Dedicating ourselves to a higher level of efficient productivity allows us to promise timely shipment of consignments, and in turn achieve total customer satisfaction.

Bangladesh is a growing market for Ready Made Garments for global retailers. As we currently do business with European and North American retailers, Welltex Group is poised to capture the B2B and B2C global markets.

The Bangladesh located RMG wings have been equipped with state of the art machinery and incredibly skilled staff who hold irreplaceable amounts of experience. These qualities have earned Welltex Group it’s stellar reputation with buyers in the North American and European markets.

Factories of Welltex Group located in a placid surrounding of greenery in Mawna, Mulaid, Sreepur, Gazipur.


At all times Welltex Group strives to maintain the following approach…

“Save Green, Take Fresh Air, and Save the Globe…” based on the three “T’s” (Tree, Trade, and Transformation)

We do so by staying firm on these four core principles:

1.Keeping the factory compound in perfect harmony.

  1. Using mindful techniques to improve working environments.
  2. Implementing energy saving practices through proper staff training.
  3. Greenery + Fresh Air = Higher Work Productivity.



Welltex Group engages in sustainable business practices because we intend to serve and prevail long term.


Welltex strongly believe in first ensuring Quality for buyer trust and satisfaction. Second, Commitment for keeping your shipment schedule on time. Lastly, Reliability to gain the trust of our customers.

Human Resources Management

Welltex Group considers Human Resources to be one of its greatest assets and so it strives to preserve nurture, as well as develop all staff to their fullest potential. At all times, they keep themselves engaged to run the entire enterprise successfully.


Technology in this day and age has played a vital role in increasing efficiency, productivity, and improve profitability. Welltex successfully applied and implemented an integrated automated system as a means of running the entire daily operation with the single click of a button.