Welltex Group: At a Glance


Welltex Group is a 100% export oriented Ready Made Garment manufacturing industry has started with woven with limited resource in 1986. Since then Welltex Group, expand business of Bangladesh with Socks, Dyeing, and Washing. Welltex Group is a 100% compliance factory. Welltex Group equipped with the modern machinery used is aimed at effectively reducing wastage and improve production capacity efficiently.

“Business with global view” is main motto of Welltex Group with QUALITY, COMMITMENT and RELIABILITY.


Starting as a small unit in Tongi Bazar, Gazipur, Welltex Group has grown into one of the industry standards when it comes to the manufacturing of Ready Made Garments. Supported by our growing infrastructure, experienced team, and efficient time management, Welltex Group ensures the timely shipment of all of our products in the Global market.

For the last 30 years, we’ve made it our mission to ensure the needs of our buyers are met through our productive and reasonably priced garment process. Dedicating ourselves to a higher level of efficient productivity allows us to promise timely shipment of consignments, and in turn achieve total customer satisfaction.

Bangladesh is a growing market for Ready Made Garments for global retailers. As we currently do business with European and North American retailers, Welltex Group is poised to capture the B2B and B2C global markets.

The Bangladesh located RMG wings have been equipped with state of the art machinery and incredibly skilled staff who hold irreplaceable amounts of experience. These qualities have earned Welltex Group it’s stellar reputation with buyers in the North American and European markets.

Factories of Welltex Group located in a placid surrounding of greenery in Mawna, Mulaid, Sreepur, Gazipur.

About Welltex Group

    With products in markets ranging from automotive to home fashions and apparel, Welltex Group was an industry giant by the 1980s, becoming the world’s largest warp knitter. After a period of restructuring focusing on high-value technical textiles for the world market, In 2012, Welltex Group joined the Lear Corporation, a leading automotive seating manufacturer as part of a strategic acquisition.